Not so easy: Fight Back And Report

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I came across this page on the by LD Wilson Consultants

Of all the things that I read on it, the words below stuck in my mind…


If possible, always report rapes. Otherwise, rapists usually strike again and again.  They can be some of the most violent and vile criminals in existence.  Do not be intimidated.

If you can, go public with your rape. Rapists dislike publicity.  Rape thrives on secrecy.  Going public with your rape is needed at this time in order to increase the ridiculously short jail sentences for rape.”

This is not an easy thing to do,  I have been there personally.

But the fact remains is that this is a true statement.  I told my boyfriend what happened,  immediately.  I have never,  nor would I ever cheat on someone,  and while the circumstances of our relationship were in flux (but not defined,  as we were upset with each other over miss communicated texts ) be that as is may, I am seriously questioning if I am in love with this man, I’m not the person,  nor have I ever been to jump into bed with someone else for any reason other than true feelings.

I was raped.  When I told my rapist that I told my boyfriend what happened,  he got this look on his face like he had seen a ghost.  Then he had the audacity to say to me ” I wish you consulted me before you told him”SERIOUSLY? !?! Like what?  Like we had a love affair?  I  woke up with his dick inside me! I  couldn’t believe his comment!  I  guess I also couldn’t believe that he raped me.

The point is, YES! Rapists thrive on secrecy,  my rapist proved that.

Please if anyone out there has been raped,  or god forbid ever falls victim to rape,  please please please consider reporting.

We need to change the way society sees victims,  and we need to change laws.

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