We have been humiliated, violated, and most of us have not seen any justice, while our rapists go about their lives happy, care free, and ready to rape again.

So, if you want to name him or here, please do it. Submit their first and last name, city and state, picture and or any information that you want about them. I will post it on my “This Is What A Rapist Looks Like ” page.

I am going to start the “This Is What A Rapist Looks Like” page with some convicted rapists who look nothing like what society tells us that “rapists look like”

If you have been a  victim of domestic abuse /violence,  molestation, or any type of crime you think that would fit here, tell me what it is,  I will specify it in the post.


It is about time that these disgusting excuses for humans get recantation for the crimes that they have committed.

If this section of my blog takes off, I intent to submit my rapist anonymously.

If you wish to submit a picture and have any problems, please email it to me directly at