This page is dedicated to vendors who sell items where part of the proceeds are donated to rape/domestic violence/abuse/etc. causes. Actually, many of these vendors have additional causes that you can choose where the donated portion is allocated to.

I wanted to make this page because I actually own a bracelet from the first organization. The goal of my site is to raise and spread awareness, and often times I come across so many great places with the people/groups and organizations I follow on social media, that take proceeds and donate part of them to great causes, so I want to share.This will be updated regularly.


I have one of these, I purchased it shortly after my rape, the cause I chose was for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. They are well made, stainless steel. I never take it off. Also, I believe that this site also allows you to create your own cause (but I could be wrong). There are many causes to choose from, not just what my stated umbrella is


They allow you to create a page and start fundraising. They offer many causes they will donate a portion of your sale to.


You can fundraise on Avon


Their products educate, inspire. Different vendors donate and have different percentages that are allocated to the joyful heart foundation from your purchase.


$5.00 from every purchase goes to donation.  They also have LGBT products and have already given, “$250,000 to the equality cause through directly funded projects and donations to LGBT charities”