After The Rape Kit

Evidence of rape
After The Rape Kit

Trying to make the decision whether or not to get a rape kit after you have been raped is a very hard decision to make. There is no right or wrong decision. You have just been completely violated on every single level imaginable…..then if you get a rape kit you have to not only tell and relive the events of your rape, but you also have to be poked, prodded and inspected in every area! AWFUL!!! It’s no wonder why people don’t get rape kit’s done, or why they don’t report their rape.  This woman shares her feelings;

“I made the decision not to get a rape kit, which is a decision I regret every day. I did eventually report my rapist to the police. That being said, I think going back, if I was more informed (which is a catch 22 because no one thinks that rape is going to happen to them, so not many people look into the logistics about options of what to do and how it works if you are raped) I might have forced myself to get a rape kit, but maybe not…for me the shock was really bad. But I wanted to post this video as well as the link above about rape kits for any and all who are curious and or in the process of trying to make that decision”.

You only have “72 hours in most cases” to collect DNA evidence (see information about rape kits at RAINN) But I am getting away from the topic of this post, so what happens when you make decision to get a rape kit, go through the examination, give you clothes or I should say “evidence”. Eventually you receive the results regarding if DNA was present or not and the police and DA’s decide what to do. Then what…..

Rapist walks free
994 of 1,000 rapists will walk free

One woman asked for her clothes back. I would have done the same thing. I mean, you loose so much already once you are raped, you probably are not planningon wearing your clothes again, but it doesn’t matter…they are yours and you have already lost enough. Here is the video of her opening the evidence box of clothes from her rape kit:  Video of “Evidence Box” after getting rape kit done


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