Almost Gone

Smile so bright and eyes so blue.On the outside she looks happy, but no one knew.That inside she was numb, broken and subdue,Boundless afflictions torment beyond her control;Leaving feelings of blackness and decay in the depths of her soul. But no one will know....For she hides behind her lively smileAnd big doe eyes.No one sees … Continue reading Almost Gone

Tortured Mind

This tortured mind of mine won't rest Anxiety, depression and thoughts of terror possessed Repulsive memories flash through my mind In bits and pieces discombobulated and intertwined. Day's are dark and night grow blacker,   Leaving me breathless, restless, feeling sadder With each passing night the nightmares take fight And every passing day the flashbacks … Continue reading Tortured Mind

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

I'm not scared of wolves It's the wolves in sheep's clothing I fear Feigned, conniving and deceitful is the true essence they hide But with wolves you see their true nature,  no shame, no apologies,  no lies You are a wolf in sheep's clothing The lowest of the low What you deserve  something,  so awful,  more … Continue reading Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing