A Survivor Not a Victim

Overcoming Rape



This Conversation Is Too Funny

This two parakeets are adorable!  Lol


Cat Reacts To Horror Movie. ..I can’t stop laughing!

This is halarious

Check Out This Sneaky Lil Thief

After 11.5 hours in the ER, diagnosed with kidney stones,  and being home for 3 hours unable to sleep…I saw this and it made me laugh.  I  thought that I would share lol.

Because This Is Halarious & I Need To Laugh

I May Be Small, But I’m Fierce

Funny And Or Heartwarming Things To District Your Mind

On my way to work this morning I was feeling very sad, depressed  and overwhelmed with my situation.

I  decided that I really needed to refocus my thoughts,  so I started to think about things that I find Heartwarming, and also things that I find funny.  I hope you all enjoy!  💖

Children’s Hospital window washers!

This startled dog



Babies!! In particular…this super smart one…lol


Cat’s because they are just too funny!

When faith in humanity is restored


Monkey’s…espically this fitness crazed one




Ironic signs


And lastly…my FAVORITE!!! The first time I watched this I was 23 and practically peed my pant’s!! I love this and still watch it all the time….drum roll…..



Could You Imagine Being At A Grocery Store And Walking Into This?

Supermarket flashmob, very cool,  and totally confusing for onlookers.

Too Funny “SpandyAndy”

It’s been a very depressing couple of days.  Scrolling through FB, I came across this video and it gave me a good laugh.

This guy also has a website :

Because I Really Needed A Laugh Right Now & I Think Cat’s Are Hilarious

I had a  wonderful idea for a post tonight,  but I am too sad/depressed/exhausted to write it.

So….instead,  I tried to take my mind off of things and look to post something funny.

I’m definitely a dog person,  but I love all animals,  and I think cat’s are just too funny!

I hope you enjoy

Creepy Funny Humor To Lighten The Mood

I was going to post the actual link. ..but it was flagged for removal 😯

I don’t know why…lol I voted this for best of Craigslist!  Lol


If You Ever Need A Good Laugh Or Your Spirit Lifted

Watch this video.  He is a pet fox who laughs every time this girls boyfriend laughs.  I laugh every time I watch this!

Making Me Laugh During Hard Times :)


So I just finished having a serious conversation with my AMAZING friend about my struggles in dealing with my rape.  She use to be my roommate,  and truth be told,  she was the best roommate that I ever had! She is a remarkable human being.

images (18)

So, even though our conversation was very serious in nature,  this is how it ended.  But first the back story. …

We both think that Lil Jon is just halarious! We have many running jokes.  Additionally,  we love Dave Chapelle because he is also so funny.  Especially when he impersonates Lil Jon. If you have ever seen the Chapelle show,  sometimes Lil Jon is on it with Dave impersonating him.

So she sent me this link;


Seriously,  I couldn’t stop laughing.  It is exactly what I needed right now.  She is such a great friend!



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