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Talk about rape
Talking about it can help

Sharing your sexual assault story  (even if it wasn’t rape ), or even admitting that it happened is a very important step to recovery.

Some people never share their story,  others wait years.  Everyone’s different,  but that’s ok.

I am really struggling with healing,  and I know that so many others are as well.

I want to create an area on my blog for others to share their rape, sexual assault,  and domestic violence stories.

Please feel free to submit your story to me by emailing me below.  Of course I will keep all personal information anonymous,  including your name,  unless you specify that you want your name to appear.

I  will post all stories on the “Shared Story“page.

The goal of this is to show other victims that they are not alone , and that these awful things happen all over the world.

You can read my story here

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