Things My Readers Do That Make Me Happy

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A running list. ..


  • Positive comments on my posts.  Now,  I am a very open minded person,  and I appreciate all comments.  Even if they are negative and you disagree.  I’m not going to lash out. But supportive comments that I have received make me feel really good.
  • Likes or comments on my poetry.  I never thought that I could write poetry,  and I fact that people like what I have wrote amazes me
  • When I comment on a post,  and the author comments something positive back about my situation.
  • Sharing their stories  (this also applies to visitors of my blog,  even if they don’t follow me)
  • I love every time I get new reader’s and followers from around the world!  It makes me happy that I am reaching such a wide audience.  I also love the opportunity to read blogs from all around the world, especially the blogs of the individuals who follow me.
  • I  love when someone tells me that one of my posts has helped them in some shape,  way, or form because that is the whole reason why I started this blog.