Boston Area Rape Crisis Center

“Founded in 1973, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) is the only comprehensive rape crisis center in the Greater Boston area and the oldest and largest center of its kind in New England. Our mission is to end sexual violence through healing and social change.”

They have been helping me through this awful time in my life,  and they have been wonderful.  Their site has information for victims,  family and friends of victims,  and they also offer many services for victims free of charge.

When I am better recovered from this horrible ordeal,  I plan to help others.  In the meantime,  I saw that BARCC is having a “Walk for a Change” this April 10th.  So I signed up to walk,  get sponsors and raise money for this amazing organization. It’s all I can do right now,  and I am hoping that it will make me feel a little bit better.

I still call the hotline sometimes in the middle of the night in tears.  They are always so nice.  My caseworker,  legal advocate and now counselor have been really great.

Their 24 hour hotline is 1-800.841.8371

On April 10th 2016, my lil dog Tiny Tanner and I did the “10th Annual Walk forBasicThermometer A Change”

We did fundraising and and all the proceeds went to BARCC so that they can continue to offer a vast array of free services to victims of sexual assault. Apparently, this year was the largest turn out ever!! There were 1,400 people who participated in the walk (including an entire football team dressed in uniform from I don’t know where, but I was extremely impressed by that factor alone. BARCC exceeded their fundraising goal!! Another impressive thing about this organization, today (4/14/16) I received a phone call (which went to voice mail, so I received a voice message) followed up by an email from The Board of Directors of BARCC thanking me for my fundraising. Now, of all the people who participated in the walk, a lot of them did fundraising….so think about how many calls and emails that he sent! I think that is just truly remarkable and beyond a serious class act. I am excited to participate more with BARCC as I am physically and emotionally capable, and as time goes by, I know that I will be able to do more and more with them. But they are doing an awful lot for me too. They are truly and amazing organization!


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