Question For Survivors Of Rape

How did rape impact your sexual life with your lover if you had one?


And if you didn’t have one at the time,  how did it impact your love life with your first lover after your rape?

My lover left shortlyafter my rape to volunteer out of the country.  We had a couple of intimate encounters,  but I was still in shock from the rape.  At this point,  I can’t even. …hmmm…”have fun with myself “.

He is coming back this month and I am terrified about what is going to happen regarding. …the bedroom. …



9 thoughts on “Question For Survivors Of Rape

  1. I agree. I tried to move on instantly because I wanted to claim my sex life back. I needed to be in control but I would have flashbacks. It wasn’t healthy for me so I stopped.
    I never slept with my boyfriend again. We broke up because we lived in different countries and he was reluctant to come see me. When I’m ready again, I’ll make sure this person is someone I trust and understanding…

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