Alright,  so I have these neighbors who live behind me. An Italian couple in their 40’s with three children,  two of which who live at home

I am friends with the wife. She is a very nice, strong-willed  loud Italian woman.

I  do hear this couple fight. ..all the time.  Sometimes it sounds like bloody murder in their house,  and their windows are not even open

Tonight I was outside,  and per not out of the ordinary,  I heard them fighting inside.  This time was definitely louder than usual,  but it really is not any of my business.  Suddenly,  the wife flings open the back door to the porch and SCREAM’S “HELP…HELP!!!!” Then slams the door closed.

Now, I have lived here for over a year, I have never…EVER…seen or heard anything like this come from them…EVER…. Even the tone of her voice. I was immediately concerned, despite the fact that I know that they argue all the time. This sounded and felt different.I was so worried because I was afraid that if I called the police, that she would be mad at me, yet at the same time, I was truly afraid for her, the sound of her screams. So I ran inside and explained everything to my roommate. He said that I should call the police…I was really just looking for reassurance to do so, because deep down I really felt afraid for her and I really wanted to.

I called the local PD, and they transferred me to 911. I don’t even know the name of her street because she lives behind me, but I explained where her house was located.

When the officers showed up (one unit, two officers) they called me to make sure that they were at the correct house. This family does not have a doorbell. So I shimages (2)owed them and went back to my apartment, and gave them my address. Eventually one of the officers came around back (the back of my apartment, and the back of her house face each other). He asked me to confirm which house was hers, and then asked me what her name was. Meanwhile, the backdoor to her house opened, and the other officer that I saw, and a different one was in the house. Then I saw her…she was holding her key’s, she confirmed her name and said that her and her husband just got home and she didn’t know what was going on. When the officer’s told her, she said something along the lines of “I don’t know….stupid nosy neighbors”.

Shortly thereafter,  the initial responding officers rang my doorbell and told me what I had already heard. There were practically tears rolling down my eyes. He said ” I don’t know what to tell you, you can file a report against the husband, but she says that they were not even home”. I told him “No”. I said that if she is going to lie about what happened, then I don’t even what to be involved. I told him that as a victim of abuse myself, I called because I was afraid from her because she was calling for help, if that is her story, then it is what it is, and I am sorry for bringing you down here, I was just trying to do the right thing.Then he asked for my name for the report, and I told him that I did not want to give it to him because h
er nephew works for the police force. I told him that I was afraid that she would be mad at me.

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Right now I just feel so stupid!! Was she really in trouble? Or was she just being dramatic? My gut tells me this was different and there was something not right going down in that house, but she lied, and I get why why people lie about these things. But now I wonder, did I make things worse for her? If I ever screamed out
the window or door for help, I sure as shit would hope that someone would call the police.

I am also afraid that now she is going to know that it is me, and that she is going to hate me for it. I wasn’t calling the police because they were loud, I was calling the police because she was screaming for help.

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