When Is The Justice System Going To Finally Stand Up For Rape Victims?

The System Fails Survivors

When is the justice system going to start speaking up for survivors?!?!

There are a lot of rape cases with strong evidence where the victim is too afraid / traumatized (or for any other one of a million other reasons why they don’t want to pursue a criminal case) and doesn’t want to go to court. BUT, what about the MAJORITY of rape victims? District attorney offices constantly refuses to press charges for the majority of rapes that are reported despite the victim’s dire want for justice.  

When are the district attorney offices going to stand against the beliefs of rape culture and society,  and attempt to gain justice for rape victims?

How are rape laws supposed to change if DA’S don’t pursue the “tough cases”. The more “tough cases” they try, eventually,  the more they will win.  This will perpetuate more case law regarding rape,  thus leading to more and more “tough case ” convictions  (eventually. ..obviously it is going to be a struggle and a slow process,  but it MUST start somewhere) The fact of the matter is that rapists don’t typically rape in front of an audience. They are counting on the fact that “he said she said” will let them off the hook every time; and it usually does.

Yes it was rape

The way it stands currently,  no one in a position of power is looking out for victims. Victim advocates have EXTREMELY limited resources,  influential connections,  and are honestly not taken seriously by the majority of people who have the power to change the laws.  In my personal opinion,  agencies who hold power only deal with victims to  “look like they are concerned ” when in reality,  they are not.

It is high time for a change in the justice system and in the sexual assault units police departments. When….when are rape victims going to be taken seriously?

Cycle of rape myths

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