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If you follow my blog,  you know that the DA is not pressing charges against my rapist.  This is not fair, and it happens to far too many people!  I am so angry that I struggle every day just to function,  while he gets to live his life.

I wish that there was something I could do. A way to convince the DA that this happened,  and a way to help them prove the case.  He RAPED ME and he should be held responsible!  I know that this wouldn’t change anything that happened,  but I am so sick of rapists getting away scott free! I read about it literally every single day in my research.  It is sickening.

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How are we supposed to start to end rape,  when rapists are continuously not being prosecuted,  or are being aquitted. Why are they always assumed innocent,  and the victim is assumed guilty?  It is an atrocity! Things will never change until we start holding these monsters accountable for their actions.

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