So Scared

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I know that I cannot control the universe,  but seriously,  I have been dealt such a bad hand.

I’m running out of time and options to find a roommate to fill my apartment,  and my rapist refuses to pay rent even though he is still on the lease.

My rental history is perfect.  While I would love for him to have an eviction on his record,  I cannot afford to have one on mine. This isn’t fair,  it isn’t just!

I have about two weeks to secure a roommate,  or else I am basically homeless!  I have been endlessly searching for a roommate since March 1st, to no avail.  I am so scared,  I am running out of options.  I feel hopeless,  and if I can’t secure one, I am going to end up on the streets.

I not only don’t have the funds to move, but even if I could create them,  finding an apartment with two dog’s is so hard,  and the outlook is not good.

If I don’t find a roommate, I will not be able to go on anymore. ..

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