Rape, Boston Massachusetts, & A DCF Employee

Raise a voice against RAPE`

I was raped in February by my former roommate.  He started a new job at the Department of Children and Families two days after he raped me.  So yes…he clearly passed the background check.


My restraining order has recently been extended for two years  (the judge hardly batted an eye while granting it) and amended the order to keep the rapist away from my place of employment.

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I told the detective that the rapist worked for DCF. Additionally,  I recently had a  meeting with the DA’s office.  I  spoke with an ADA about a lot of things.  About how my rapist was never questioned or asked to give a statement when I filed a police report.  I also told the ADA thatthe rapist works for DCF. The ADA did not appear concerned at all. This is appalling and frightening to me. This rapist, this dispicable excuse for a person works for an agency who deals with a vulnerable population.  He either has direct access to the vulnerable population,  or access to their personal information.  They are NOT SAFE with him being an emphasis of DCF. Apparently,  the Suffolk County Justice System doesn’t seem to care.

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4 thoughts on “Rape, Boston Massachusetts, & A DCF Employee

  1. It seems to me that governments all over the world don’t think a rape is important if it isn’t violent or leaves you disabled or ends in death. The less bruises we have, the less important we are. If we don’t get pregnant by the rapist, then to them it’s not as bad. They don’t seem to understand that rape is a crime of violence in and of itself even if it doesn’t cause bruises, tears, bleeding etc. When I was tested in the hospital I was pushed aside because there was no semen in me. The guy is a serial rapist, he’s not going to leave his DNA, are you kidding? He pinched my nose closed so I had to open my mouth to breathe and then he finished in my mouth and forced me to swallow. No clues left behind. Just me.

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