My New Bedding Supports A Great Cause, & I Didn’t Even Know It

I have been getting new bedding,  since I was raped in my bedroom,  in my bed, and I am still living in the apartment. I had super soft flannel sheets from Target,  those I threw away and just ordered a new set (unfortunately they didn’t have any pattern ones in the color I wanted like my old ones…but what can you do). I bought a plane white comforter from TJX,  and picked out a beautiful duvet.

The duvet is from a place called Crane and Canopy.  Well, today the box arrived at work.  I was so excited!  I  opened it. First off,  the duvet and shams were wrapped together in grey tissue paper and fastened to that was a little pouch of lavender potpourri. (by the way. ..I LOVE LAVENDER ). In the box with my items was an envelope with my recipient and a had written note, thanking me for my purchase, they said my item by name,  and she said that she hopes that I enjoy the lavender!

Along with that envelope was another card, like a post card kind of.  There is a picture of it below.  Apparently,  part of the proceeds from every bedding purchase made goes to providing woman of domestic violence with bedding!  I couldn’t believe it.  What are the odds?  I’m so picky about what I like,  and this company had literally the only duvet cover that I liked.  I searched high and low, all over the internet and in actual stores, they were the only ones. I am so happy that my purchase is helping someone! 


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