So….. I have previously spoke with a person on a rape  crisis hotline that said I could literally walk down the street naked, and that doesn’t mean that I am asking to be raped  .

Last night I talked with my brothers fiancé and she said that just because you sleep in the same bed with a man doesn’t mean that you are asking to be raped.

Now,  I was just outside talking with my neighbor about my roommate situation,  and I remembered the time that I went out with him,  his roommate,  and their friend from out of town  (Cali) I was attracted to him. When we all got home,  he texted me saying that that he wanted to come down to my apartment.  I told him that was fine,  but that I was not going to sleep with him.  So he came down,  and he spent the night.  We slept naked in my bed.  He didn’t try anything.  It was wonderful.

Looking back , real men don’t rape…period!

I am now confident that no matter what, my roommate would have raped me no matter what.  If not that time he did,  then he would have another  other time.  I lived with him for 5 months and he didn’t respect my boundaries.  I was shitfaced, but I told him that I would never have sex with him.  HE RAPED ME.  I had been drinking  (not even half as much as when my roommate did what he did) and my neighbors friend didn’t do anything,  he respected my boundries.  This is NOT my fault.  I wasn’t even naked with my roommate and I will completely naked with my neighbors friend.

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