Flashbacks…A Good Thing? ??

This article from Recover Your Life give me lot’s to ponder about

While some of the information is helpful,  I couldn’t help but become furious when they say that flashbacks are a good sign.  Seriously?  I am a smart, well educated woman, and I highly doubt that the author of this article was ever raped.  If she or he was, well then the English language is comprised of so many words and it is my opinion that the author could have chosen more appropriate language that would have conveyed the same message they were trying to send.

Initially I was going to post the entire article,  but I am clearly partial now. I just think that it had so much great and helpful information,  and was ruined by saying flashbacks are good.

Even if they are,  personally, I don’t want to re-live my rape every single day at random times! I don’t find that helpful at all.

Maybe I am being too harsh because there is some great information there, and, not all people are the same.  I’m sure that there are thousands of survivors that will benefit from hearing  those words.


3 thoughts on “Flashbacks…A Good Thing? ??

  1. I’m so sorry to read your story and what you’ve experienced. The after effects of rape are devastating. Flashbacks have interfered in multiple areas of my life and I definitely feel the article could have been better worded. Flashbacks, aren’t good or pleasant, and my personal experience with flashbacks have been so painful, it’s as though I’m that 14 year old once again… my adult senses observing but not in control.

    The healing that has come from flashbacks though has been detrimental to my moving forward. I have had dreams about my assault where I fought back, yelled, kicked, and ran. Flashbacks have allowed me to react to what happened to me and release it rather than detach and shut down like I did in the moment, which I believe is something our bodies/minds do to protect us because the trauma is too overwhelming to endure.

    Flashbacks are awful, but they do indicate that a person is able to recover and feel again. Not just pain, but freedom, joy, and hope. Flashbacks enable us to overcome and no longer be crippled by the experience, no longer assaulted long after the assault happened.

    My encouragement would be to embrace the flashbacks. Observe as the rational adult woman that you are and truly feel what you felt when it happened and react in a way that gives you back the security you long for. Get mad, cry, and grieve the person you used to be, the truths you once believed, and the life you once lived. While those parts of you have been ruined, YOU are not ruined. You are beautiful and are a survivor!!

    And for the record, flashbacks suck. They are stupid and unfair. I’m so sorry you have them. ❤

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  2. Flashbacks are one of the symptoms that have a huge chokehold on me. They interfere with my life and my ability to go anywhere I want to go without being triggered. Even at yoga the other day (something I do for my mental health and that makes me happy) triggered a flashback. So I say a resounding “No” flashbacks are not a good thing. I’m glad you posted this.

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