My Biggest Regret

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I am really struggling with recovering from the rape that happened to me.  I  hate how I feel,  I  hate who I am right now.

The facts: 1. I was drunk,  but that doesn’t mean anything.  2. I told this creep earlier before I was too drunk that I would never sleep with him. 3. I woke up and he was on to and inside me.

My biggest regret,  I should have immediately went to the hospital,  period.  I was too scared.  But had I went to the hospital,  evidence could have been collected. My BAC level would have been checked  (I was still drunk at noon the nextday ), and there would have been a higher chance at having the DA actually decided to prosecute my rapist.

Instead,  I am stuck feeling broken,  and having no way to get justice.  This just adds to my terrible feelings,  and inability to function on a  daily basis.


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