Hello My Name Is Rapist

” Hello, my name is Rapist,  and I raped my roommate on February 14th 2016. Why do you ask? Two reasons.

Reason number one…I’m not going to tell because that would be no fun.

Reason number two….because I knew that I would get away with it.  Who is going to believe that a successful middle aged man, with a great job history,  no criminal record,  and a Masters degree from an Ivy League University in the USA…. would be capable of raping someone?  No one,  that’s who! And guess what,  no one did! I still can’t believe that she was even able to get a restraining order on me. Do I care that that she didn’t want to sleep with me? Do I care that here word’s were “I will never sleep with you” Haha! Of course not, Because I am Rapist, and I get what I want.

Have I done this before?  I am not sharing that information.  Will I do it again?  What do you think?

I do have a wonderful job at a place that works with the vulnerable population.  My first day was two days after I raped my roommate,  so they will never find out about the domestic restraining order.

I am Rapist,  I  get what I want,  I get away with it,  and I always win.”

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