Exhaustion, depression, anxiety,  tribulation, indignation and preoccupation is my current state. For I cower at the thought that I don't know  how much more my soul can take. Strong, resilient, vivacious was I. Now, transformed into a defeated faux pas. How long will this semblance persist? Every breath I take makes me not want to exist. My body is distressed, it's toilsome … Continue reading DEFEATED

Sleep Won’t Come

It's nearly midnight and I should be sleeping But thoughts of anxiety and anguish penetrate my mind, they are creeping. As the ebon circles under my eyes grow darker My cognizance distorts to a despondent state of preoccupancy About that night, the violence done to me. As each day passes my face grows more pale My eyes … Continue reading Sleep Won’t Come

Everlasting Day

My nights are long and disconsolateand the day's are dark and melancholy.As day fades into night,night dissolves into day,it's like an eternal afflictionEverlasting every day My eyes grow heavyMy body is feeble,My mind disintegratedand soul obliterated I seek piece of mind,freedom of what I've been cursed.Instead I remain captiveimprisoned by the terrorof what he did.Trapped in … Continue reading Everlasting Day