A Poem I Found

I found this poem  by Sagar Sachdeva. It accurately describes how I am feeling.

“You torn her apart for your own joy,
Her soul lies vacant and fragile,
Yet she faces the axe for getting raped,
As no case, can be filed.

You still roam around and live your life,
While she carries a perennial pain,
Who gave you the right to commit such a heinous crime,
And leave her miserably insane.

Unfortunately the past cannot be altered but we can certainly look for a brighter future.

I hope one day, there will be no stare,
I hope one day, no one will care,

Whether the fabric, is short or long,
Visible stuff-bra or thong?
Whether a mini skirt, or a cloak,
Clothes aren’t right or wrong,
It’s your mind, facing a deadlock.

I hope one day,  no news of rape
I hope one day, no obscene tape
Is it so hard to achieve
A world free of harassment and eve- tease?”

I  hate my life right now!

Rape ruins lives

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